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Industrial signs can include anything from warehouse signage to knob/switch labels on a control panel. These signs often require specific material tolerance and colors which can be a challenge for some suppliers.

Gravotech Gravoglas™ Subsurface plastic is designed specifically for the industrial market. Subsurface material is a benefit since the sign/label can be easily cleaned thanks to the smooth top surface. It also allows an additional color to be added based on the required specifications.  The current stock of Gravoglas™ contains specific industrial colors and comply to AFNOR NFX. 08-002 and INRS ED 88 norms.

Another beneficial industrial material is Flexilase. Using a rotary or laser engraver, you can engrave and cut this plastic and apply it to any curved/convex/concave surface. Coming standard with adhesive, Flexilase™ is a quick solution to any industrial labeling issue.

Both Gravoglas™ and Flexilase™ can be laser or rotary engraved and cut. These materials can also be used on a UV printer to add colorful logos and designs to your industrial signage.

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