OSHA Safety Sign

osha-safety-signsOSHA Safety Sign

OSHA safety signs are a critical element to a warehouse or any other dangerous environment. They need to be vibrant and noticeable and sustain these bright colors for years to come. OSHA has a specific set of standards to define the use of such safety signs. These specifications apply to the design, application, and use of signs or symbols that indicate and, insofar as possible, define specific hazards that could harm workers or the public, or both, or to property damage1. You can read more about OSHA specifications for accident prevention signs and tags here.

Examples of safety signs include caution, no smoking, danger, high voltage, notice and more. Gravotech provides ready-to-engrave and raw materials to make any sign. Let’s look at 2 simple applications for creating a simple OSHA “Danger” sign at the dimensions of 7”x10”:

Application #1: Begin by purchasing part number 35642 which is a prefabricated 7”x10” sign made from GravoplyTM. Simply take this sign and lay it on your rotary engraver using a sheet of GravogripTM (part number 71053). Engrave your desired message using recommended GravoplyTM cutter part number 34018. To attach the sign to the wall, you can use interior adhesive foam tape (part number 36240).

Application #2: Begin by purchasing a sheet of Gravoply Ultra White/Red (part number 18997). Since the sign is not prefabricated like Application #1, you will need to start from scratch. Fortunately, with Gravograph technology, this is very simple. Take your sheet of material and place it on your rotary or laser engraver securely with GravogripTM (part number 71053). Instead of only engraving the desired text, you need to engrave and cut the full sign. Once the sign is fabricated, you can hang it using interior adhesive foam tape (part number 36240).

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