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Signs outside of a business give a customer their first impression of what they will find inside while also enhancing your brand image. Make sure your outdoor signs are inviting, vibrant and communicate your message effectively. Adding architectural sign elements, shapes and high-quality materials like brass, present a higher level of luxury to your customers.


This is an example application from a French Chateau. They needed an outdoor sign that represented the beautiful spring and fall colors that bring tourists to their location. It was fabricated with the following supplies:

  1. Gravotech IS6000 Rotary Engraving Solution
  2. Gravobrass™ Exterior Shiny Polished Brass 1/8” thick – 22038
  3. Gravoxide Oxidizing Agent – 32821



Even though this outdoor sign looks complex, it is rather simple to manufacture. Let’s look at the process:

  • Purchase the required supplies from the above list
  • Rotary engrave and cut your desired text and shape
  • Fill engraved letters and design elements with Gravoxide oxidizer to enhance the color contrast
  • Recommended step: Clean regularly to preserve the brass brightness or add a protective varnish after engraving to prevent tarnish.


Other common outdoor applications include:


For more information and recommendation about building your next outdoor sign, contact our office of engraving experts.

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